January 19, 2012

TAKK! RelaxAction in Katowice

Last year's August was a special time for me, for I had the chance to be a part of an amazing team, working on TAKK! (Tymczasowa Akcja Kulturalna Katowice) project in Rondo Sztuki in Katowice.

The idea behind TAKK! project was to engage the people from Katowice to take part in the workshops, concerts, exhibitions and other activities and to provide them with a platform where art, design, photography, literature, comic art and architecture meet.

I was in a team of designers (with Justyna Kucharczyk and Kasia Pe┼éka), working on design workshop for kids. We called it "RelaxAction",  intentionally mixing two words that usually don't go together very well. Or at least most people think so... Click through to read more.

The whole concept behind was to show kids what design is, but not from the perspective of a good-looking object. What we wanted to achieve was to show them how good and bad design affects our everyday life, how small things you don't notice at all when choosing the right chair to your living room can change your life quality.

What we gave them was a pretty serious lecture on design aspects. And what we got in return was the sense of discovery and thrill of excitement.

Later, everyone designed objects that could be used to sit on and relax. We didn't want to call these "chairs" - most of us have a mind image of what a chair should look like. And that's what design is not about.

But of course, it wasn't all about being dead serious. We had lots and lots of fun! And for that I'd like to thank everyone I had the pleasure of working with.

Below, you'll find a short video documenting the whole TAKK! action. Our part starts at about 4:05 from the Music Workshop for kids by Asi Mina.

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