March 2, 2016

A Little Goat Builds the World – Interactive Book App for Kids

Eye candy time!
Check out my new iPad app for kids, available on iTunes:

You can also get to know more about the app itself on Little Goat's official homepage here:

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June 16, 2014

Great news!

Hi everyone! After a long break, I'm coming back with great news. I was invited by professor Jan Nuckowski to take part in Sarajevo100 exhibition and series of events. If, by any chance, you are in Sarajevo on June 17th, take a minute to see the exhibition in Galerija Collegium artisticum. Some great names and brilliant posters to look at!

If you're not planning your trip with Sarajevo in mind, you'll be able to see the posters in:
  • July 2014, as an exhibition and digital presentation at Vila Mediterranee, Marseille, France
  • October 2014, as a digital presentation during 13th Poster Biennial in Mexico / International design conference in Morelia
  • November 2014, an exhibition and digital presentation at The Brick City Gallery and Student Exhibition Center Gallery at the Department of Art and Design of Missouri Sate University, Springfield, Missouri, USA
The poster I designed:

If you'd like to see other posters, hop to the official page here:

July 9, 2012

Coming up...

What is brand architecture? How do you design to make a product easily recognizable, communicate a powerful brand and be a part of a system that would still be possible to expand? More coming soon!

May 15, 2012

Behance Portfolio Reviews

Hi everyone! I'm very happy to let you know I will be presenting my portfolio during Behance Portfolio Reviews in Krakow on May 17th.

I was invited by Design Hunters to take part in this marvelous event and I'm very excited to meet other designers and creatives. And everyone else who happens to be there, too :)

For those of you that will be in Krakow, come and see me speaking live about my designs (and see the fabulous works by other designers as well) in Kompany at Berka Joselewicza 21 in Krakow. The creative boom starts at 6 pm.

You can read more details on the event's Facebook page here:

See you there!

May 5, 2012

Long time... see.

Hello! I'm very sorry for not posting anything new for the last couple of weeks. I've been really busy working on fantastic projects I'll be posting new info about very soon.
For a quick note: I've been interviewed in the Radiofonia radio last week. I'd like to thank Ewa Rewieńska for inviting me to share a little bit info on typography, teaching design and design process when working on my posters. It was great! On top of being great, they're playing fantastic music.

You can listen to Radiofonia on-line here:

See you soon in the new post!

April 10, 2012

Let there be light. Hommage à Górecki

Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, the great Polish composer (1933–2010), was internationally renowned for his symphonies and chorals. The term "spiritual minimalism" is often used to describe his works. According to Wikipedia, spiritual minimalism was  

a term used to refer to a number of late-twentieth-century composers of Western classical music, whose works are distinguished by a minimalist compositional aesthetic and a distinctly religious or mystical subject focus.

If you'd like to read more about Górecki and his work, go here. If you'd like to listen to some of his masterpieces, go here or here.

Back to the poster...

I designed it for a competition commemorating Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. Digging deeper into his biography and work, I thought that using light seemed a perfect fit to show his approach. As in my other posters, I was trying to use as little graphic design means as possible, so the whole design was based on photography that was retouched. I believe this gives the viewer the sense of something physical that wasn't created in a computer program from start to finish, even if the photography is modified to some extent.

Light became a material building the whole structure of the poster. The idea came to me after analyzing the shapes of the letters in composer's last name. It was possible to create a message of the light going "through" the name of the composer and therefore create notes on the musical staff.

The other thing I wanted to communicate was a metaphor of music coming to existence through the inspiration (that some believe comes from God).

Click to see more pictures from the making-of:

April 6, 2012

Coming up...

What is spiritual minimalism? How could this phrase translate into visual language?
More coming soon!

April 3, 2012

Why so serious? Designers can have fun!

Hello! I've just noticed that most of my recent posts have been strongly focused on design in its pure form. Information design, typography and logo design are things I'm totally passionate about but hey, it's not about being so serious all the time!

That said, let me give you some eye candy: a very special personal project I've been working on for the last two years. Finally, I made my dream come true and it's here, so I'm going to share a little bit of it with you. What's it all about?

Playing with fashion, image and having lots of fun. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce...



There's more eye candy, so read more after the fold!

March 31, 2012

Designing a system of documents, part I

As I promised, today's finally the day when the next post comes live. Apparently, getting it all together took me a lot longer than I expected, but it's finally here! This post is going to be the first of the series of post explaining why I believe a well-designed document could not only be a matter of aesthetics, but sometimes can help you in your everyday life. This is also a presentation of my Master's degree thesis from 2009 when I was a student under professor Jan Nuckowski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Let's go, then!
Click to read more after the fold:

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